LSAT .. I’ll be ready!

Last November, I went to Cairo. It was my first trip outside the Arabian Gulf. I didn’t go there for tourism nor protesting! I went there to do the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) in an attempt to peruse masters after graduating in few months.

So, despite the fact that my finals were coming in around 3 weeks and I had a lot of work to do in Dubai, I had no choice but to go to do the test. I needed to do it at that time because most scholarships deadlines (I won’t be able to do the masters otherwise) are in January. I left Dubai Wednesday night to Doha where stayed for a night and met two of my friend briefly. I went to Cairo the next day in the afternoon.

When I went to Cairo, I met my best friend (who happens to be Egyptian) for the first time since 2009. He used to live in Bahrain, but he went back to Egypt after his graduation from high school. That day was historical as it was the last day for the constitution committee meeting and it was aired on Radio. It was nice to witness that day there. I didn’t do much on that day, and tried to get some rest as barely slept in Doha.

On Friday morning, I opened my laptop. There was an email which was sent after my arrival to Cairo the day before to inform me that the test has been canceled! I lost my temper. I tried to call the Bahraini Embassy to seek help and they promised to try. I sent an angry email to the center telling them that what they did was completely unacceptable. I basically did my best to do whatever I can to take the test the next day which is the original day for the test!

A lot of things happened till Saturday morning, but there wasn’t any solution. I had no choice but to go back to Dubai without doing the test. However, I was informed Friday midnight (technically Saturday) that there’s a test center at my university! That was 12 hours before the test! They offered me to take it there! Just Imagine!

I kept fighting when I went back to Dubai to do the test ASAP. Nothing happened. They told me I can only do it on Feb 9th. Now, I don’t have many options left!

Anyways, I need to spend the next few days killing myself to prepare for the next LSAT which I’ll do next Saturday with a believe that whatever happens then Allah knows what’s the best for me 😀

* This was originally published in Fish N Write.


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