I hate endings, but as Ralph Waldo Emerson once said: “Our life is an apprenticeship to the truth that around every circle another can be drawn; that there is no end in nature, but every end is a beginning, and under every deep a lower deep opens.” This academic year was unique in every aspect. I practically didn’t have any holiday since the previous academic year. I spent my whole summer doing an internship to fulfill one of my degree requirements. Despite this fact, I came back ready. I’m not sure what was the exact reason for that. I think, though, that it was because I knew I was spending my last year here.

I met so many great people, such as Ms. Dima Khatib, who inspired me and gave my life another meaning. Some of these people were around me for the past few years, but I didn’t get to know them. It is sad to meet them just before leaving the country.

Yesterday, I was talking with my best friend about memories and remembering people who made an impact in our lives. We were talking on how you wish to meet them, but borders before anything else separate you from them.

In this spirit, Ms. Dima, you have no idea how greatly you’ll be missed. I’m counting on you to come and visit me in Bahrain so I can show you around. Maybe you can convince my mom that she shouldn’t push me to get married as well. I could use any help :p

Classmates, I knew most of you, but not others. It was a pleasant spending this semester with you in this great course that we choose to take. It was also a nice change to have Dana fighting for the class rights, not me. I can retire in peace now :p

Readers of this blog, I can’t believe you made us reach over a 2,000 view! We have been writing and writing. Your support meant a lot!

Lastly, I can’t conclude this post without thanking Mrs. Sophie Boutros  and Dr. Carol Melhem Moufarrej for making this possible. You have been there for us so many times and listened to our demands and worked hard to make them true. You have no idea how much we appreciate that! I’ll miss both of you a lot :(

P.S. “It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.” ― Ernest Hemingway

* This was originally published in Fish N Write.


Is There A Box?

I’m not sure if we have any Indian readers, but let me start by saying happy holi!

Ms. Dima wants us to write something creative for this week, but I think my real challenge isn’t to think about a creative topic or writing a topic in a creative way. Rather, my real challenge is in being open about my feelings. As I mentioned in earlier posts, it’s not an easy thing. I can tell people how much I appreciate them, but forget the word “love.” Sometimes I feel it’s a forbidden word for me. I simply can’t say it no matter how hard you try to drag out of me (assuming I love you of course :p).

What I tell people “my mom in specific” is that it doesn’t matter if I say the word love. Instead, what matters is the actions I take to express that love. I do believe in this of course, but I believe in the importance of saying “I love you.” So, if I believe in this, then why don’t I say it?

I rather answering a question about one of the mythologies I studied this semester that I barely understand than trying to answer this question, but let me try.

Many people broke my heart during the 21 years I lived on this planet. I, sadly, trust people easily. I always try to see the best in them. I hate to be unfair with anyone, even people that I don’t know. It always costed me a lot. After a while, you just lose faith. You don’t show any emotion so you would avoid being hurt, again.

Now just before I conclude this post, I’ll share with you a funny story that I needed to be creative at. I was taking a videojournalism course last year. Instructors asked us to do assignment about a revolution in the UAE. I refused for many reasons, including that the Arab Revolutions didn’t hit the UAE!  I argued the topic! They tried to say it doesn’t need to be political and I kept arguing that covering a revolution in the UAE is simply not possible (Ms. Dima knows how stubborn I’m!).

I didn’t win the war! I thought of a ‘revolution’ to cover and remembered a TEDx talk I heard at one of the events I attended in Dubai. I remembered the struggle of the founder. I liked her story a lot. I knew then that this is my UAE revolution! Instructors approved it and we got our revolution.

It’s nice sometimes to think of things out of their original context, or should I say the context we labeled them at? Speaking of which, I hope people who know me in person are all alive and didn’t die out of a heart attack due to my holi picture 😉

* This was originally published in Fish N Write.