Is There A Box?

I’m not sure if we have any Indian readers, but let me start by saying happy holi!

Ms. Dima wants us to write something creative for this week, but I think my real challenge isn’t to think about a creative topic or writing a topic in a creative way. Rather, my real challenge is in being open about my feelings. As I mentioned in earlier posts, it’s not an easy thing. I can tell people how much I appreciate them, but forget the word “love.” Sometimes I feel it’s a forbidden word for me. I simply can’t say it no matter how hard you try to drag out of me (assuming I love you of course :p).

What I tell people “my mom in specific” is that it doesn’t matter if I say the word love. Instead, what matters is the actions I take to express that love. I do believe in this of course, but I believe in the importance of saying “I love you.” So, if I believe in this, then why don’t I say it?

I rather answering a question about one of the mythologies I studied this semester that I barely understand than trying to answer this question, but let me try.

Many people broke my heart during the 21 years I lived on this planet. I, sadly, trust people easily. I always try to see the best in them. I hate to be unfair with anyone, even people that I don’t know. It always costed me a lot. After a while, you just lose faith. You don’t show any emotion so you would avoid being hurt, again.

Now just before I conclude this post, I’ll share with you a funny story that I needed to be creative at. I was taking a videojournalism course last year. Instructors asked us to do assignment about a revolution in the UAE. I refused for many reasons, including that the Arab Revolutions didn’t hit the UAE!  I argued the topic! They tried to say it doesn’t need to be political and I kept arguing that covering a revolution in the UAE is simply not possible (Ms. Dima knows how stubborn I’m!).

I didn’t win the war! I thought of a ‘revolution’ to cover and remembered a TEDx talk I heard at one of the events I attended in Dubai. I remembered the struggle of the founder. I liked her story a lot. I knew then that this is my UAE revolution! Instructors approved it and we got our revolution.

It’s nice sometimes to think of things out of their original context, or should I say the context we labeled them at? Speaking of which, I hope people who know me in person are all alive and didn’t die out of a heart attack due to my holi picture 😉

* This was originally published in Fish N Write.


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